How Long Does It Take for a Real Estate Website

You want to position your real estate site on the first page of Google. And you’re no beginner – you understand that ranking on the first page for your target keyword is going to take time, work, and content creation. But how Namibia WhatsApp Number long will it take you to rank on Google? When can you expect rankings and passive traffic to pay you back for all your hard work? This is the question I intend to answer for you in this article. But first… how powerful is the first page of Google? The Power of Google’s First Page… What is the main reason anyone – including investors and real estate agents – wants to rank their website in Google.

The Power of Google

What is the main reason anyone – including investors and real estate agents – wants to rank their website in Google? The answer is simple. Passive traffic. High quality tracks. And less money spent on advertising. With this, you can build a bigger business and establish yourself as the go-to real estate expert in your market. Financial predictability and business growth – that’s what high rankings promise your business. But here’s the thing… ranking in Google isn’t enough. Most online tools will consider your website ranked if it is in the top 100 results for your given keyword. Answer me this, though: when has anyone ever clicked through 100 results after searching for something in Google? Yeah…never.

Start Generating

Namibia WhatsApp Number
Namibia WhatsApp Number

This is exactly why the first page of Google is the only place with significant click-through rates (1st position takes 35% of clicks). (image source) you need to be on the first page. Nothing else will give you the results you are looking for. Once you’ve successfully placed your website on the first page of Google’s rankings, click-through rate isn’t the only benefit – the quality of leads is usually much higher than paid advertising, which means a high closing rate for pennies on the dollar. Here’s what Tyler Ford (real estate agent and investor) has to say about it. Get your Carrot website today and start generating leads in no time!


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