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As do streaming services like netflix. . Which integrated it into its html5 player in 2015. In practice. The implementation of the eme has not imposed major changes in the way we consume content. But as the eff points out. This does not mean that the system is ideal and that it does not need to be improved to prevent disadvantageous situations from appearing in the future . Movistar chile revealed the trends of its prepaid and postpaid users. An analysis about the features and benefits preferred by chileans when choosing a cell phone. “as we review the figures and compare the preferences of previous years. We realize that our users are opting for devices with increasingly larger screens.

With more gigabytes of storage Iceland phone number and ram. This is also related to the manufacturers. Who are updating their models as the years go by”. Explains javier valenzuela. Terminal manager of movistar chile. Thus. The most popular cell phone in chile –corresponding to the characteristics most chosen by users– is a 4g device. 5 inches. 2gb of ram. 16gb of storage. And black. Regarding the color of smartphones. Movistar chile’s terminal manager adds that “preferences have been changing. And if previously users opted for black equipment and secondly white. Today it is gold that takes second preference. In addition. He adds that users have been modernizing. Thanks to the fact that attributes such as the “fingerprint” (or fingerprint scanner) for unlocking today is not an exclusive feature of “premium” equipment.

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But are already available even in mid-range equipment. The result is clear from the figures that compare user trends so far in 2017 versus the same period in 2016. As shown in the following table: table and. If in 2016 cell phones with 8gb of storage were enough. Today customers require 16gb or more to satisfy their needs. Which is also understood by the possibility that many devices have to expand the memory with micro sd cards. Thus. If before most customers preferred a cell phone with a screen smaller than 5 inches. Today they prefer equipment between 5 and 5.5 inches to a greater extent. The fact of having larger screens has also made smartphones heavier. A sacrifice that users are willing to make. Finally. Valenzuela declares that: “these trends are directly related to the consumption of multimedia content.

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Which on the one hand is storing more apps. Videos and photos on your computer. And on the other they are looking for them to work correctly.” the message when we browse the internet is usually the following: “cookies allow us to offer our services. By using our services. You accept our use of cookies.” and then two options: “accept” or “more information”. Most of the time – in many cases because we need to see or something online and we don’t have much time – we simply accept them. But what exactly are cookies and why do we always get asked about them? What do we accept when we say yes to cookies? Spyware contrary to what some people think. Cookies are not spam.

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Or computer worms. Or any other type of strange virus. They are tiny computer files sent by websites that are stored in our browser and that obtain data about us. These small spy-programs obtain key information for internet advertising. Especially when it comes to personalized advertisements. The job of cookies is to “tell” brands and companies how we behave on the internet in order to place ads according to our tastes and interests. Among other things. They can collect this type of information: email addresses and passwords our phone number and address our ip address the operating system of our computer the browser we use pages we have previously visited they can be their own or from third parties; temporary or permanent. The own ones are generated on the website that we are visiting.

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