How to Add a Chinese Transit Card on Iphone?

Technology can help you get things done easily. You can feel the difference technology can make to you when you live in countries like China. With the help Afghanistan B2B List of apps like WeChat, you finally don’t need physical items like a wallet or bank card to go about your daily life. Continuing the trend, you also no longer need to bring your physical transit card with you to get around. What is the transit or transport card? Public transport is one of the easiest ways to get around big cities like Beijing or Shanghai in China. You can either pay money on the bus or get a temporary transport card at stations. However, it will be costly when you are a daily commuter. The solution is to use a public transport card which can save you money and the hassle of running for change.

How to Get a Transportation

You can get the public transport card at all major stations. The card will cost you around 20 RMB, which is a refundable amount. You must add money whenever needed to the card in order to use it for transportation. You can use the transport card on buses and trains for check-in and check-out. Some cities like Shanghai also accept the transport card for taxi travel. When you decided not to use the card, you can return it and get the 20RMB refund. How to Add a Chinese Transit Card on iPhone? Now that you know where to buy if you are in Beijing, Shanghai or any other city in China.

Added a New Transport Card

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Afghanistan B2B List

However, buying a physical card is no longer necessary as you can directly use your iPhone with iOS 13. You can also transfer your card details to the phone and use it on buses and trains. Note that Apple only supports transit cards in a few places. Check the Apple Support page for supported country transit maps. In China, the transit cards below are supported: Beijing Transit Card (express mode supported) Shanghai Transit Card (express mode supported) Guangzhou UnionPay credit card (no express mode) Hangzhou UnionPay credit and debit cards (no express mode)

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