How to Add a Contact Form in WordPress?

As a website owner, you can allow your readers to interact with you in several ways. Enabling blog comments, replying in social profiles, and sending email Belarus WhatsApp Number List campaigns are some of the most popular ways. In addition to all these options, there is one most important page of any WordPress site. This is the contact page for users to send you emails. In this article, we are going to explore how to add a contact form in the WordPress site. Related: How to Add and Customize Contact Form in Weebly Site? Why have a contact page in WordPress? The basic need of a contact page is to allow readers to email you. However, there are few other benefits to having a contact page on your website.

Difference Between Contact

Many of you might be thinking why you need to have a separate contact form instead of directly providing your email address in the footer and sidebar sections. Showing your email address publicly will create privacy issues. You will receive hundreds of spam emails because anyone can send a message by clicking on your email address. In contrast, contact forms will not reveal your email address to readers. WordPress will process the message and send it to you without users knowing your email address. This way you will only receive messages from interested users and avoid spam and offensive private messages. The plugin works seamlessly with Akismet to prevent spam submissions or you can add reCAPTCHA to ensure that only human users can submit the form and not automatic bots.

Installing the Contact

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Additionally, Contact Form 7 also uses the default WordPress comment blacklist option to block posts. You can use multiple contact forms on a single WordPress site and add parameters to track the performance of each form. For example, you can track the form on your contact page and about page separately. The plugin does not store messages in the database, thus maintaining your privacy. With all of these benefits, contact forms are a much safer, professional, and easier way to interact with your readers. Contact form plugins for WordPress The good part is that you have many contact form plugins available for free in the WordPress plugin repository section. Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular among all plugins available for free. It is a very easy to use plugin with over 5 million active installs.

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