How to Add a Meta Description

WordPress is the most popular blogging and content management system on the web. However, it lacks some basic features needed for search engine optimization, like adding a meta description to every page. If you follow Belgium Business Fax List the SEO world, some things haven’t changed in decades. Meta description is one of those SEO features that has been around for a long time and search engines like Google treat it with utmost importance. Therefore, it is necessary to add a meta description in the WordPress site using the plugin and we will explain how to do it. What is the meta description? If you are unfamiliar with meta description, check out our SEO article which explains the use and need for meta description on a website. Below is the summary of how meta description is used on your site.

What Is the Meta Description?

The meta description is a summary of the content of a web page that is displayed in search results pages. This is inserted into each of your web pages using HTML <meta> tags between the header section. The meta description is not displayed on published content, but is used by crawlers and robots to understand the summary and meaning of content on a web page. This is very useful especially when you have long content. To avoid truncating in search results, you should limit the description length to a maximum of 160 characters. Below is what the meta description will look like on the Google search results page. Meta description in Google Meta description in Google Make sure your meta description is a true summary of the page content and avoid writing the same description.

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Coupled with, For all pages or inserting an irrelevant description to fool search engines. How to add a meta description on a WordPress site? As you can see, the meta description determines the ranking position of a web page in search results. Unfortunately, WordPress does not offer a default option to insert it on your blog posts and static pages. The only option for you is to use a third-party plugin that offers a meta box on every post so you can enter the meta description. There are many free and premium SEO plugins available for WordPress. We recommend choosing packaged SEO plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack. It will help you setup all missing SEO features in WordPress with just one plugin instead of using multiple plugins.

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