How to Add a Rich Snippet Schema

There are different parts that go into a WordPress website. All work together to create the best page possible. One of these parts uses structured data to Netherlands WhatsApp Number List create rich snippets. It helps you showcase your website in search results with engaging and useful content. In this article, we are going to explore what rich snippets are and how to add a rich snippet schema on WordPress website to get the most out of it. Contents What are rich snippets? Why do you need rich snippets? Type of rich snippets How do I add a rich snippet schema? Example of a microdata review scheme: Example RDFa revision scheme: Example JSON-LD revision scheme: Related Articles: How to Add a Rich Snippet Schema in WordPress? Install and activate the plugin Schema Types Comments Settings

What Are Rich Snippets?

Before we talk about adding rich snippets to your website, we should talk about what it is. Rich Snippets are additional information displayed in search engine results in a visual format. As the name suggests, it contains rich information compared to traditional search results. Take a look at the example below of how a Rich Snippet looks. Rich snippet example Rich snippet example Normal search results contain a URL, page title, separator, site title, and meta description or excerpt from a page. However, as you can see, the rich snippet contains various other information available on the page. This will give the user the option to click on that result and view the proposed structured data on that page. It contains a star rating, an image, votes, and a breadcrumb structure replacing the URL.

Type of Rich Snippets

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Why do you need rich snippets? These days, Google populates the majority of search results with different types of rich snippets. Therefore, it is essential for website owners to highlight their rich snippets in order to stand out from other results. While rich snippets don’t affect rankings per se, they do help improve click-through rates. For example, users tend to click on a search result with a star rating over a simple result without any engaging information. This means you can get more organic traffic from Google and other search engines. Type of rich snippets maintains structured data specifications for each type of rich snippet called a schema. Although there are hundreds of schemes available, here are some of the most commonly used:

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