How to Add Graphics in the WordPress Site?

Sometimes you need to explain the topic to your users with lots of statistical data. It will bore your reader if you try to show technical data analysis in text, image or video form. Although you can use tables, it has limitations Réunion B2B List like filling content in a smaller area. The best way is to use charts like the ones you use in PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. The chart is a useful tool to present the graphical representation of your data analysis. Whether you are compiling research data or sharing data analysis on a given topic, there is no better tool for presenting such information than graphs. Benefits of Adding Charts in WordPress You might be wondering.

Install and Activate

The plugin is free, but you can upgrade to the Pro version to get more features. It supports a variety of charts, including pie charts, area charts, and line charts, among others. Create and Add a Chart in WordPress To add new graphics, go to the “Media” menu in your dashboard and select “Viewer Library”. Manage charts Manage charts If you already have graphics in the library, they will be displayed under different tabs depending on the type. List of graphics List of graphics To create a chart, click the “Add New” button at the top of the Visualizer page. Select the type of table/graph you want to create and click “Next” at the bottom of the page.

Embedding the Chart

Réunion B2B List
Réunion B2B List

Choose chart type Choose chart type In the “Chart Data” section, you can import data from a CSV file or URL. Depending on where you stored the data, choose one of the options. Import data Import data For our case, we have the data in a CSV file. We therefore search for the file and click on “Import”. CSV file for chart CSV file for chart The plugin will automatically generate the chart for you. Graph generated Graph generated Customizing chart settings At the bottom of the chart data options. Click on the “Advanced” settings link to open the chart settings. Advanced Plugin Settings Advanced Plugin Settings This opens the “Chart Settings” panel on the right, offering various options to customize the chart.

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