How to Add Hyperlinks in WordPress

WordPress introduced the Gutenberg block editor with version 5.0. It allows you to quickly insert hyperlinks similar to the old classic editor interface. Moreover, you can easily add link attributes like sponsored and nofollow Honduras B2B List in the Gutenberg editor. In this article, we will explain how to add hyperlinks in WordPress with attributes. Related: How to insert hyperlinks in Weebly? Add hyperlinks in WordPress You can add links to text and images in the editor using different methods. Copy paste from Microsoft Word and other rich text editors Insert text links Add links to images Using links in buttons Inserting links in the table.

Copy Paste From Text Editors

Many of us prepare content in rich text editors like Microsoft Word or Apple Pages. It’s an easy way to prepare offline content and quickly paste it into the editor. Classic and Gutenberg editors will retain formatting and retain headings and hyperlinks as you created them offline. However, there are few problems with images being removed in the classic editor and replaced with a placeholder in Gutenberg. Also, you cannot add attributes such as nofollow to links. Insert text links in WordPress As the classic editor moves away, we will explain inserting links with the Gutenberg editor.

Delete or Modify a Hyperlink

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Honduras B2B List

You can insert a link on any text element like paragraph and title. When you are in the editor, click on the + icon and add a “Paragraph” block. Insert a paragraph block Insert a paragraph block Alternatively, you can directly start typing as the paragraph block is available on the editor by default. When you have a text inside the paragraph block, select the text you want to insert a hyperlink. A screenshot of a mobile phone Description automatically generated Click the hyperlink icon on the block toolbar at the top. You will see a tooltip asking you to “Paste URL or type to search”. You can insert any external link in the text box and press enter key or arrow icon. Type the external link Type the external link This will add a hyperlink to the selected text in your paragraph.

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