How to Add Related Posts to a WordPress Site?

One of the major concerns of a website or blog owner is to attract as many visitors as possible. You can easily overcome this by mastering the basics of SEO to increase website visibility. For most bloggers, the biggest challenge has always been getting those visitors to stay on your site longer. While Morocco B2B List post quality and relevant content can help solve this problem, it is not enough. Adding related posts in WordPress can optimize your website to keep visitors on your site and improve engagement. Related: How to Add Related Articles on Weebly Site? Why do you need related posts? The related posts feature can benefit you in several ways, including: Reduce the bounce rate by directing visitors to other pages on the site. Increase the number of page views, thus promoting engagement. Improve your SEO ranking.

Install Plugin

You can determine where to display related posts on your page or post, as well as disable/enable display on mobile devices. To do this, scroll down the “General” tab and choose a number between 10 and 999 to select a relative position for related messages. Choose “999” for “Show Placement Priority” to display similar posts just above comments and after post content. You can also decide to show similar posts before or after a specific paragraph in the post by typing the paragraph number. For example, ‘0’ to display before the content, ‘1’ after the first paragraph and so on. ‘-1’ will display them after the last paragraph of the message.

Promote Your Past Content

Morocco B2B List
Morocco B2B List

Check or uncheck the “Show on mobile devices” box according to your preferences. You can change other settings and when done, scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Save Changes’. SEO offer: Optimize your site with Semrush Pro special 14-day free trial. Output, style and thumbnail settings Under the “Style” tab, you can set the style of the related post output. “Round thumbnails” displays an image and a publication title. Select the option and save changes. Style settings Style settings Switch to the “Thumbnail” tab. Here you can specify the thumbnail location and size. Additionally, you can choose a default image to display if the post doesn’t have a thumbnail. To add a default thumbnail, copy and paste the URL into the image.

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