How To Analyze Local Seo Results On Google?

Since a recent update to Google’s search interface. You can no longer change your location to discover local SEO and paid results for any city in France or around the world. How can you go about analyzing this data in 2016 despite this engine update? Google updated its search engine to remove this advanced feature which was only used by very few average users. Luckily for us, there is still a way to find out exactly what SEO and SEA results look like on Google in any geographic location (in France or abroad). Note also that if they do not really do the same job. Many positioning monitoring tools now offer the possibility of calculating the local SEO positioning of queries. which can be complementary and is already very useful for many SEOs

Why do you need to preview local Google results in SEO or SEA? Before getting to the heart of the matter, let’s dwell a little on the usefulness of changing. Your geographical position during a search on Google when you are a web professional. Being able to preview Google’s Chile Phone Number List and paid results in a specific city can have many uses, including. To analyze the real competition of a local SEO query in a city where we are not currently located. To be able to follow the improvements following a local. SEO work after having optimized the various local SEO positioning factors . To ensure that a company based in different cities is displayed in the Google Maps results of all its locations.

Why Do You Need To Preview Local Google Results In Seo Or Sea?

To be able to analyze local competition on Google Adwords and. Google Shopping ads on particular queries and in many different cities. And many others… For non-professional users, the loss of this Google feature has very little impact. But the solution we are going to present to you is accessible to everyone without a Google Adwords or Google account . Anyone will therefore be able to search for information virtually from the city of their choice. Google Ad Preview: a tool to preview results on any query and from any location! google ad preview While SEOs are used to working with. The Google Adwords Keyword Planner, the Google Adwords platform also provides a very useful tool accessible.


This time without an account and without the need to log in: Google Ad Preview . The Ad Preview tool, as the name suggests. Allows you to preview results on queries to find out how Google Adwords and Google Shopping ads appear. If the tool was created with the aim of previewing paid results in any city or country. It is also possible to use it to consult the evolution of local SEO results on specific queries from anywhere. what place. To test the Ad Preview tool, simply go to this. Language for Google results? If you are only in changing the language. Google Ad Preview offers you this functionality, but it can also be directly from the Google search engine. At this clicking at the top right of your search page on the small cogwheel.

Google Ad Preview: A Tool To Preview Results On Any Query And From Any Location!

In the submenus, by clicking on the second link “ Languages ”. You will find yourself on this page allowing you to change the language used to carry out your searches. Cchange google language There is also a Google resource on this subject. Which explains how to change your position on Google from different devices (including smartphones)If you wish. You can configure and send push notifications directly from your administration interface. These can either be sent instantly after setup, or they can be for later dates. These can be sent to all of your users or only to some on criteria such as. Their geolocation The type of smartphone used (Android or iPhone). Their app version …

Location-based notifications goodbarber To go further with notifications. GoodBarber offers dedicated Add-Ons for: Configure Geofencing. Scheduling push notifications based on in-app events Send notifications when a user passes near a Beacon. Test your new application on Android / iOS mobile and tablet After having finalized the configuration of your application. All you have to do is test it before submitting it to the various stores. To test your app directly on your phone or tablet, simply download the My GoodBarber app to your device and log in to your account. Submit your app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store publish application stores. Once your application is fully  on GoodBarber.

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