How to Automate Tasks in Google Chrome?

It can be useful to automate certain tasks in Chrome when you need to do the same thing over and over. This will not only save your time, but also improve Zambia B2B List your productivity. Chrome offers automation such as autofill by default. Moreover, there are also extensions that allow you to record and repeat actions on your browser without intervention. In this article, we’ll explore how to automate tasks in Google Chrome using default features and extensions. Related: How to automate tasks in Windows 10? Default automation features in Chrome Below are some of the tasks Chrome will automate without any extensions: Password Manager – Chrome offers powerful password management that will help you save all your browsing-related passwords in one place. Autofill – you can autofill saved password, credit card information, names and addresses.

Need Extensions

All of Chrome’s default automation features are simple in nature. However, you might be interested in saving your activities and starting over. This type of automation requires external tools for which you need to find suitable extensions in Chrome. Here we will explain task automation in Chrome with two extensions. However, you have plenty of extensions available to do this stuff. Automate tasks using Chromium Browser Automation (CBA) Chromium Browser Automation, abbreviated as CBA, is an automation extension for Chrome with a simple interface. It helps to record your actions while navigating in the browser, including clicking, filling in forms and much more.

Imacros for Chrome

Zambia B2B List
Zambia B2B List

Steps are configured into code injections that can access the web page DOM as well as be exported or imported for use in other devices. First, you need to visit the Chrome Web Store and find and add the extension to your Chrome. Add a CBA Extension Add a CBA Extension Understand the features of the CBA extension Click the Chrome toolbar extension to open it, then click the plus sign “+” to add a project or select an existing one under the “Project” tab. ABC interface ABC interface Recording Actions – The “rec” button helps you record simple actions such as clicking a button, filling out forms on your browser. The extension records these activities and can repeat the process on its own. Once the recording is finished, click on the “stop” button.

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