How to Beat Zillow in Google With Your Realtor’s

Zillow has dominated the real estate industry with a primary strategy. Ranking high in Google and controlling online conversation . In this article, we’ll walk through real-world case studies that show you Indonesia WhatsApp Number how to beat Zillow, Trulia, and in Google in your local market and grab traffic and leads away from the tech giants for FREE. ( Dive into the video clip from a recent episode of AskCarrot below!) How to beat Zillow in SEO The video above was a short clip from a live show we recently did. So we’ve typed a high-level summary of the steps below and provide the full video transcript below, along with enhanced graphics and action items.

The Basic Steps

Do things Zillow, Trulia and can’t or won’t do. They can’t replicate you, they probably won’t create as much valuable content as you could on the niches you’re an expert on, and they won’t try to be the authority on that niche like you can be. . Create value, be an authority and stand out. 2. Determine the niches you want to dive deep into and become an authority. I get pushbacks all the time from agents who say, “But I don’t want to hide. It will limit me! “. But this is exactly the opposite of what will happen. When you choose to focus on becoming an expert and authority on a specific topic or niche, it will draw more people your way because you will stand out as the undisputed expert.

During This Process

Indonesia WhatsApp Number
Indonesia WhatsApp Number

If you don’t nestle, you’ll just be part of the crowd. 3. CRITICAL DETAILS : Create location pages in your Carrot site with our “Beat Zillow” framework (infographic below). We deconstructed the Zillows strategy, tested and tested it until we were able to repeatedly outrank Zillow in Google. Start with your main cities.Create a location page for this since this is your primary city…but then focus your ranking efforts on the Brentwood niches. Like neighborhoods, house types, etc. Here are some great examples of real local searches in Google that could create great niche location pages that you could build in your Carrot account and then aim to outrank Zillow with.

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