How to Block Ads in Safari Browser on Mac?

These days, online publishers can make a lot of money by displaying advertising on their site. Also, if you can sell products and do affiliate marketing, especially if you have a large network of friends. This leads to millions Paraguay B2B List and millions of blogs on different niches. You may notice that each search query in Google will show several million results. Well, all is not good. Some publishers run a lot of ads and annoy readers. If you are using the Safari browser on Mac, you are covered to stay away from these ads. Why do people block ads? Frankly, many publishers, including us, live on the revenue generated by advertising programs like Google AdSense. Initially, Google has a rule of displaying a maximum of three ads on a single page, regardless of content length.

Block Ads in Safari Browser

Safari allows three different ways to block advertisements and unrelated content on a website. Reader Mode Block display ads and irrelevant content Stop video ads from auto-playing Use ad blocker extensions 1. Using Reader Mode in Safari Reader Mode in Safari lets you remove all clutter from web pages. You can either use in-place reader mode for the web page in question, or set it by default to view all websites in reader mode. Go to the “Safari > Preferences…” menu. Click on the “Websites” option and navigate to the “Reader” section. You can view currently open websites as well as a list of previously configured websites. Choose “Enabled” from the drop-down list of websites on which you want to block ads.

Using Content Blockers

Paraguay B2B List
Paraguay B2B List

This will remove all ads and only display text/image content. However, most websites may not work or display properly when using reader mode. We recommend using this option for distraction-free reading on a few websites that you read frequently. Reader Mode Preferences in Mac Safari Reader Mode Preferences in Mac Safari Permanently configure reader mode If you like reader mode and want to configure for all websites, Safari has an option for that. When you are in the “Reader” preferences section, click on the “When visiting other websites” drop-down menu. Choose “On” to permanently set reader mode for all websites. This will allow Safari to open all supported websites in reader mode.

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