How to Change the Default App

Mac assigns a default application to open each type of file. For example, all HTML web pages will open with Safari browser when double-clicked. However, you might be using different apps like Google Chrome and Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List want to open web pages with Chrome browser. In such a case, it will be annoying to use the default app and in this article, we will explain how to change the default app to open files on Mac. Related: How to Change the Default Application in Windows? Use Open with from the context menu The first option to open a file with a different application is to use the “Open with” option in the context menu. If you are not using the right-click on your trackpad, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the trackpad to open the context menu.

Permanently Changing the Default App

When you have multiple apps to open the same type of file. It makes sense to permanently fix the file association. You can do this in two different ways on your Mac. When you choose “Open With” from the context menu, click “Other…” which appears as the last option. This will open the Applications folder in a pop-up window and display the recommended applications available to open the selected file. Mac will disable all non-recommended applications to open the file. Select your app, then click the “Always open with” checkbox that appears under the “Enable” option. There will be no warning and your file will open with the selected application. Select Always open with option Select Always open with option.

What Is the Difference?

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Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List

If you can’t find your favorite app, click the drop-down list against “Enable” and select “All apps.” This will make all apps installed in the “Applications” folder available for selection. Show all apps Show all apps Remember. That while this helps you open files with the selected app, it won’t change the default app. You can right-click the file and check in the “Open With” menu to see that the default application is the same as the Mac default and not the one you selected. Unmodified Default Application Unmodified Default Application Permanent. Modification of the default application This is a permanent and correct way to change the default app to open files on Mac. Right click on the file or control+click to open the context menu. Select the “Get Info” option to open the properties dialog.

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