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Microsoft Office applications are one of the most popular for documentation purposes. Sometimes you have multiple users using different native languages ​​on the same computer. They can prepare documents or presentations Ireland Business Fax List or use Outlook. Although people type in English, many find it convenient to display menu items in their native language. Fortunately, Microsoft Office allows you to change the display language for this purpose. Related: How to change language in Google Chrome browser? Contents Display language in Microsoft Office How to change the display language in Microsoft Office? Step 1 – Check available Office language packs Step 2 – Install Office Language Pack Step 3 – Change the display language Proofreading in different languages.

Display Language in Microsoft

Remember that the display language is the language in which you see all menu items and text displayed on your computer. However, Windows display language and Office language are different and work independently. This is a big advantage, especially when you bought a laptop in countries like China with the Chinese version of Windows (you can’t change Chinese to English). On the other hand, there is also a drawback that you need to manually change the Office language to switch. How to change the display language in Microsoft Office? The process has three steps, although you can skip the second step if you have an existing Office Language Pack installed.

Check Available Office

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Check available Office language packs Install an additional language Change display and verification language You can check and update the display language using one of the Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook. Changes made to one application will affect all Office applications installed on your computer. In this article, we will use Microsoft Word and explain how to change the language. Step 1 – Check available Office language packs Launch Microsoft Word and open a blank document. Go to the “File” menu and choose “Options”. Click the “Language” tab to view the languages ​​available for your Office installation. Otherwise, go to “Review Language” and select “Language Preferences…”. The “Language” section consists of three parts: Choose the editing language- this is a language used for keyboard typing and you need to add the necessary keyboard input method in Windows to use the language in Office applications.

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