How to Change the Theme on Shopify (and Transfer Most of Your Content)

A significant advantage Shopify has over the competition is its library of beautiful, modern, responsive themes. You can choose from hundreds of themes designed for fashion, sporting goods, outdoor adventure, blogging, electronics, and more. But a lot of users run into the problem of how to change the theme in Shopify. After all, new Shopify installations already come with Russia Mobile Number a default theme, so if it doesn’t fit your brand, you’ll have to change that theme. There are also plenty of merchants who decide it’s time for a change and need to switch to a completely different theme than they’ve had for years.

In this article, we:

  • Indicate if it is possible to upgrade or downgrade the theme in Shopify (such as switching from a paid theme to a free theme)
  • Disadvantages to keep in mind when talking about changing themes with Shopify , especially you might lose some content that only applies to the previous theme
  • Guides you on how to backup all your important website content before changing the Shopify theme
  • Walks you through the three main ways to change your theme on Shopify :
    1. Upload theme files or connect to Github
    2. Preview and buy premium themes
    3. Find and install free themes

Read on to learn all about how to change themes on Shopify!

Can you upgrade and downgrade themes in Shopify?

Yes. It doesn’t matter which theme you currently have installed on Shopify . You can swap it out for a new one; it doesn’t matter if you pay for a Shopify theme and want a new one from the free library. All downgrades are acceptable and you can use the following methods for your Shopify storage.

The same goes for switching your online store from a free theme to a paid one; you can simply choose a new template from the premium Shopify theme library and swap it out with your current theme.

The whole process doesn’t actually involve doing anything with your current topic. Instead, you go to your Shopify admin and activate a new theme. New themes overwrite old themes and customize in Shopify.

Does everything stay the same when changing Shopify themes?

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A huge concern for Shopify users is restoring their original content after changing to a working Shopify theme. After you’ve customized your settings and uploaded your media, it makes sense to have this concern, as it will take quite a while to go through the same process again.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to fully replicate every design aspect of the previous theme. However, all settings, products, orders, and content uploads remain on the backend of your ecommerce store.

It depends on the theme, but we found that easily transferable elements like navigation menus, products, and blog posts stayed the same after changing themes, even on the front end.

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