How to Check WordPress Site Health?

WordPress works with a complex structure. After the initial setup, there are several things you need to keep track of in order to maintain a successful site. You should regularly upgrade the theme, plugins, database, PHP, and Lithuania B2B List WordPress to keep the site running smoothly. Therefore, don’t believe if someone tells you that working with WordPress is easy. However, you can perform a simple site audit in the admin panel. In this article, we will explain how to check WordPress site health. Learn WordPress: Discover over 400 free WordPress tutorials. Site health check plugins Checking site health is nothing new in WordPress. In fact, there was a popular P3 profiler plugin from GoDaddy that checked for plugins causing the site to load late. There is an official Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin available in the WordPress repository developed by the community developers.

Site Health Check Plugins

WordPress version 5.2 and later comes with a default feature called “Site Health”. This helps you check if your site is compatible with the latest software, has configuration issues, and has other possible improvements. The advantage is that any user can do this health check without asking the developer to debug the site. The results and recommendations are simple that you can follow yourself. Therefore, it is a good tool that you should continue to use as part of your regular maintenance tasks. How to check the health of the site? Log in to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to the Settings Site Health” section. Site Health menu in WordPress Site Health menu in WordPress WordPress will perform a health check and show you the status on the screen.

What Does WordPress Check

Lithuania B2B List
Lithuania B2B List

WordPress Site Health Status WordPress Site Health Status Site Status results contain Status and Info sections providing all the necessary details. Site health status In the Status section, you can find issues related to your WordPress installation and configurations. The state of health can give you the following advice: Overall health – A good health status indicates that there are no critical issues that require your attention. Critical issues – you should immediately check and fix these critical issues. However, critical issues like theme update can be handled at your convenience. Recommended improvements – these are recommended to avoid later issues such as removal of inactive plugins and themes. Critical and recommended issues Critical and recommended issues Passed results – here you will get the status of passed tests.

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