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Self-hosted is the best platform to create a good blog. You need to purchase a web hosting service to launch your WordPress blog. The Poland WhatsApp Number List good part is that many hosting companies offer a one-year free domain that you can use to get your website started instantly. However, many bloggers overlook the hosting service and buy without fully understanding what to look for. In this article, we’ll shed some light on things to consider when looking to purchase a new hosting plan. How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting? As a new blogger, you might be looking for a nominal shared hosting service. From this aspect, below are the things you need to check before buying a hosting account. Server Requirements Hosting prices Server speed Customer service Hosting Tools Server security Additional Benefits

Server Requirements recommends the following server requirements for hosting WordPress software: PHP 7.4 or later MySQL version 5.6 or later OR MariaDB version 10.1 or later HTTPS support Most hosting companies will support these requirements out of the box. However, the fact is that WordPress will update these requirements with every PHP update. For example, when PHP 8.0 is released in November 2020, the PHP requirements for WordPress will soon be changed to 8.0 as well. Unfortunately, some hosting companies do not upgrade their infrastructure to use the latest version of PHP. They will probably be using PHP 7x until it comes out of support mode.

Accommodation Prices

Poland WhatsApp Number List
Poland WhatsApp Number List

The best option WordPress recommends here is to confirm with the host their plan to support the latest version of PHP. This is especially necessary when considering purchasing a managed WordPress hosting plan. For example, you cannot change the PHP version with DreamHost when using DreamPress. PHP DreamHost Restriction PHP DreamHost Restriction It is crucial to use the latest version of PHP to get high speed and avoid fatal errors with outdated plugins/themes. This can work well as long as you are hosting with them. However, this can create problems when you consider moving to another host. Also, standard themes and plugins may not work well with a custom PHP solution (fortunately, with SiteGround, you can choose the required PHP version from the hosting account).

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