How to Completely Remove the Woocommerce

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce plugins for WordPress site. The popularity comes from the fact that Automattic, the company behind Hungary B2B List WordPress, is the same developer for WooCommerce. Additionally, many popular themes offer WooCommerce as a bundled plugin with built-in theme functionality. We’ve been using WooCommerce on our site since 2015. Here’s why we decided to remove and the complete process for removing WooCommerce from your WordPress site. Related: How to Remove W3 Total Cache Plugin Completely? Why remove WooCommerce? Although popular, WooCommerce has many usability issues. This slows down the site with too many scripts and options. Learn more about how to fix slow WooCommerce store with Ajax admin issue. The plugin adds many custom fields in the wp_postmeta table. If you see the table getting bigger.

Why Remove Woocommerce?

The biggest problem in our case is migration. We use over 2K blog posts with over 50 WooCommerce products. In this situation, WooCommerce slows down the site by almost a second and takes up 50% of the database size. Also, we need to allow user registration only to allow WooCommerce customer registration. It is inappropriate for us to keep the plugin on the main site which affects 95% of other content. Therefore, we decided to move the store section to the subdirectory. Again, we are struck by the complexity of the migration process which frustrates you.

Delete Customer Details

Hungary B2B List
Hungary B2B List

How to completely remove the WooCommerce plugin? Given all the facts above, WooCommerce will add tons of backend stuff to your WordPress install. You need to get rid of all these items to completely remove the plugin. Clean WooCommerce data before deleting the plugin Delete customer details from “Users” section of admin panel Disable and remove plugin from admin panel Delete custom fields from WP_post meta table Delete database tables using sysadmin Check and delete files from the backed Let’s explain each step in detail. Before explaining the detailed way, there is a quick solution to get rid of WooCommerce data completely. When you have decided to remove the plugin, first delete all relevant data from the admin panel.

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