How to Configure Privacy Policy

Once upon a time, people wrote letters on an open postcard that everyone could read. There are no privacy issues at this time. However, privacy is Kenya WhatsApp Number List becoming one of the hot topics on the internet these days. As a WordPress site owner, it is also your responsibility to inform visitors of your data collection and processing policy. First, you need to create a privacy policy page in WordPress configuration and assign it in your menu. Contents Why do you need a privacy policy page? Create a Privacy Policy Page in WordPress WordPress privacy settings Important content for the privacy page Using the privacy page on your site Use plugins to create a privacy page.

Why Do You Need a Privacy Policy

With Google and other companies trying to track user activities, many countries have introduced policies to protect user privacy. As a website owner, you have an obligation to obey these policies to comply with local laws. GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation is a law in the EU to protect user privacy CCPA – the California Consumer Privacy Act is a data protection law for California residents in the United States. If you have e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce, you must link the privacy and terms pages before the user places an order. Create a Privacy Policy Page in WordPress WordPress makes it easy for site owners to create a beautiful privacy page. After installing WordPress, you can navigate to the “Pages > All Pages” section. You will find a “Privacy Policy” page created and in draft.

WordPress Privacy Settings

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Draft Privacy Policy Page Draft Privacy Policy Page Edit the draft privacy page to view the sample content. You can read and update the details applicable to your website. Edit privacy policy page Edit privacy policy page WordPress also offers a guide to the privacy page details. When editing the draft privacy page, click the “View Privacy Policy Guide” link to understand the details of the sample privacy page. The guide presents the content and provides the source of WordPress and the twenty-one default theme. Privacy Policy Guide Privacy Policy Guide Scroll down to the end of the guide and click “Copy this section to clipboard”. You can paste the content into any text editor and prepare the details offline. Remember that this will be the same content already on your sample page. Therefore, you can also directly start editing online content.

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