How to Configure Website Permissions in Google

Every time you visit a website, it needs lots of permissions to use the features you need. For example, displaying advertisements, using the camera and using the clipboard on your computer – all require browser permission. This is essential to protect your privacy and to let you know what Ecuador B2B List kind of information a website is accessing on your computer. Google Chrome has a settings page where you can customize website permission. In this article, we will explain how to configure website permissions in Google Chrome and customize them according to your needs. Related: How to configure file permissions in Windows 10? Website Permissions in Google Chrome There are several ways to configure website permissions in Google Chrome and manage them. Configure global permissions for all websites Management of previously visited website.

Configure Browser

You can configure global or browser-level permissions from the Chrome settings page. Chrome will apply the preferences from the settings page to all websites you visit on the browser. Access the settings page by clicking on the three-dot button in the upper right corner saying “Customize and control Google Chrome” and choosing the “Settings” option. You can also access the command URL “chrome://settings/” in the address bar to open the settings page. Google will show many basic and advanced options on the settings page. Go to the “Privacy and Security” section and click on the “Site Settings” option. Access Site Settings in Chrome Access Site Settings in Chrome The “Site Settings” section will show two sections.

Access Website Permissions

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Permissions” In the “Permissions” section, you can choose how websites behave on your browser. View all website permissions in Chrome View all website permissions in Chrome For example, click on the “Microphone” option. The default permission in Chrome for microphone access is “Ask before accessing”. This will force all websites to prompt you before using the microphone on your computer. You can decide to allow or block the website according to your needs. You can also disable the slider to permanently block microphone access for all websites on Chrome. View and configure website permissions in Chrome View and configure website permissions in Chrome Similarly, you can configure browser-level permissions for ads, pop-ups, notifications, and more.

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