How to Convert Custom Post

By default, WordPress allows users to create two visible post types: post and page. You can create posts and pages from the site administration panel by accessing the Additionally, you have invisible post types Croatia WhatsApp Number List like attachments, revisions, and autosaves. However, having only posts and pages is not enough for many site owners and here comes the use of custom post types. If you’ve created custom post types and want to convert them to standard posts, here’s how. WordPress Custom Post Types Most commercial themes and plugins allow users to create custom post type content. This is useful for having special content separately without mixing it with the blog post feed. Here are some examples of custom post type users commonly used on their site.

Converting Custom Post

There are many situations where you need to convert custom post type content to a standard post or page. Changing themes – your old theme has custom post types that your new theme doesn’t support. In this case, all custom content will show a 404 page not found error when you switch to a new theme. Remove plugins – some custom post type plugins like glossary and reviews can easily bloat your site and increase page load time. You may need to remove the plugin in order to improve page loading speed. Removing clutter – custom posts can add a lot of menu items that you don’t like and want to simplify your admin interface.

Convert Custom Categories

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Time saving – maintaining multiple custom post types is very time consuming and you want to manage a simple workflow with standard posts. Note: WordPress also offers different post formats such as gallery, aside, audio, video, etc. for publications. You can use them with post type like “post”. Do not confuse post format with post type. How do I convert custom post types to posts? Unfortunately, there is no complete solution available to convert custom post types to posts that include your custom categories and custom tags. Therefore, you need to follow several steps to modify the configuration. 1. Converting Custom Post Types The first step in the process is to convert your custom content into standard posts.

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