How to Convert Png to Jpg and Vice Versa?

PNG and JPG are two dominant image formats available on the web. Although there are many other formats like BMP, GIF, TIFF and WebP, people prefer USA B2B List to use JPG or PNG formats. There are three reasons for the popularity of these two image formats: optimal size, quality, and browser/application support. If you are looking to convert PNG to JPG or JPG to PNG, here are the options for you. PNG and JPEG image formats PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and is used by bloggers and web designers to post images to the web. PNG uses lossless compression, so the image size tends to be larger. You can create transparent background images in PNG format. It is not possible to adjust the compression quality and therefore the size of the image.

Using Paint 3d

By default, Windows will open all pictures in the Photos app. However, you can open the image in Paint 3D to convert it from PNG to JPG and vice versa. Right-click on the image and choose “Open with > Paint 3D”. Open with Paint 3D Open with Paint 3D Alternatively, you can open the image from Paint 3D by going to “Menu > Open”. After opening the image, go to “Menu” and select the “Save As” option. In the right pane, choose “Image”. Save Image As Save Image As In the “Save As” dialog that appears. Select “2D – JPEG” or “2D – PNG” from the “Save as type:” drop-down list. Save in a different format Save in a different format In this way, you can convert the image format using Paint 3D application in Windows 10. In fact, you can also change the image to other formats like BMP, GIF or TIFF. If you are saving an image with 3D objects, Paint 3D offers you to choose the file format from one of the available options like PNG or JPG in the sidebar.

Use the Mac Preview App

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USA B2B List

Choose format in Paint 3D Choose format in Paint 3D File size difference Using Paint 3D, a simple screenshot converted from 266 KB JPG is 425 KB PNG in size. That’s nearly a 60% increase in size. File size difference File size difference Alternatively, when we convert the same PNG back to JPG, its size is 100KB. That’s more than 76% size reduction. Unfortunately, Paint 3D does not offer an option to select compression quality for JPG images. This means the JPG image is 100% quality, which will have no difference with a huge PNG image. Save size from PNG to JPG Save size from PNG to JPG Whether you’re a web editor or a digital photographer. Showing an image on a website at +75% reduced size is a great deal. This will help to speed up the page loading speed with the same image quality.

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