How to Copy Multiple Items to Windows Clipboard?

In like manner, We all use copy and paste functions on a Windows computer using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. However, copying multiple items can be a tedious task. Have you ever been frustrated after copying text or France B2B List an image to the clipboard and realizing that the previously copied content was lost? Well, the latest version of Windows 10 has an answer to your problem. To say nothing of, You can enable clipboard history and keep multiple contents copied to the clipboard. Related: How to stop Windows 10 automatic updates? Copy multiple items Clipboard history is a new feature in Windows 10 operating system. It helps you copy multiple items to clipboard and paste any of the previously copied items. You can copy text or images and paste them on any application or document.

Enable Clipboard History

In addition, Make sure you are running the latest version of Windows 10 first. Press “Windows logo + I” shortcut keys to open the Windows Settings app and click on the “System” option. Windows Settings app Windows Settings app Navigate to the “Clipboard” section on the right sidebar. Activate the slider on “Clipboard History”. Enable clipboard history from settings Enable clipboard history from settings Keyboard shortcuts Instead of going the long road of settings, you can also enable clipboard history using hotkeys. Press the “Windows logo + V” keys to open the Clipboard application. Open clipboard history Open clipboard history After activation, you will see the clipboard history is empty by pressing “Win ​​+ V” keys.

Pin an Item to the Clipboard

France B2B List
France B2B List

Coupled with, Clipboard history is active Clipboard history is active Keep multiple items in the clipboard Now copy any text or image content using “Control + C” shortcuts. Press the “Windows logo + V” keys again to open the Clipboard application. It should have copied content. Item copied to clipboard Item copied to clipboard Copy another image or text and press “Win ​​+ V” keys. Multiple items in clipboard history Multiple items in clipboard history Click. On one of the clipboard items to insert it at the cursor position on your Word, Outlook, Excel or other document. Remember that you can use any key like “Print Screen”, “Alt + Print Screen” and “Control + Print Screen” to copy screenshots to your clipboard . Managing items in the clipboard As you know, keeping a large number of items in the clipboard will occupy memory and affect your system performance.

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