How to create an annual report?

Our approach consists of 7 production steps when producing annual reports. Our graphic designers and graphic designers are accustomed to following this process which was developed during the production of more than a hundred annual reports. Approach how to create an annual report 1. Research the first step is to gather information. Following a meeting with the client, we first gather all the information provided by the latter specifications, schedule, desired style, examples, preliminary or past content, etc.

As a team, we then collect a sample of existing documents by this client as well as its standards guide to fully understand the current brand image. In a second step, a search is carried out to collect examples, graphic elements and achievements that do not belong to the client to provide a bank of ideas that could be used within the framework of this mandate.


Final adjustments.

A moodboard is thus created to draw inspiration from original background remove service ideas to be developed. A collective brainstorm with all members of the team, including those who are not involved in creation, is organized to. Get the project off to a good start and to ensure that everyone understands the clients needs. 2. Models before starting the creation, the main guidelines are established to define the angle with which each of the concepts will be approached. We can thus ensure a greater diversity in the concepts.

A mockup of a few pages, usually 35 pages, is created from preliminary or past content to illustrate the concept. We use pages representative of the most present and relevant content in our models. Once the model is complete, the basic briefing is reviewed to ensure that all client requirements are present. Each model is presented in a template that clearly identifies the main ideas, the. Proposed structure, the graphic grid as well as the recurring elements fonts, colors, etc.

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Prepress and accessibility.

Initial assembly following the presentation of the models, adjustments DKB Directory can be made at the request of the customer to arrive at a final model which will serve as a reference for the assembly of the customer. This step is very important to avoid graphic adjustments at the end of the project. Once approval has been obtained, the chosen model is rebuilt by our graphic. Designer specialized in layout to maximize the use of styles, templates and grep during assembly. The goal is to have a working method that will be consistent across all content and ensure consistency and. Accuracy throughout the document. The document must be as flexible and standardized as possible. Before the first delivery to the customer, a proofreading is carried out to ensure that all the content is present.

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