How To Create A Blog For Free With Wix?

If Wix is ​​a now world-famous free website creation solution. Not everyone knows that it is also possible to create a blog for free and just as easily with this online tool. Here’s a little preview. Summary : Wix: a free online tool to create a website or a blog in a few hours. Many solutions exist Bahamas Phone Numbers List create websites for free but not all are equal. If CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop or Magento all allow you to create a website almost for free as long as you have. Enough technical knowledge (HTML, CSS, PHP at least), online solutions especially. Designed for people who do not know how to code also allow you to create sites with a neat design without having to have these skills in computer development.

Wix is ​​the most complete and effective solution to date. Launched in 2006 by 3 entrepreneurs and adopted in 2017 by more than 100 million users around the world. Wix considerably facilitates the creation of a showcase site or a blog with a professional design . Thanks to its unique drag and drop site creation interface. Wix users can create a blog or a showcase site very quickly without having to have any special technical knowledge. From the small business wishing to create a website at a lower cost to the budding blogger looking for a simple and free platform to get started. Wix is ​​one of the most suitable free online tools to meet these expectations. Wix: the best alternative to WordPress to create a blog?

Wix: The Best Alternative To WordPress To Create A Blog?

If WordPress has long been the reference for creating blogs for free. Wix is ​​now a very interesting alternative to the CMS used to date by nearly 30% of websites. Just like WordPress, Wix has a large volume of professionally designed free. Templates that any user can use without paying a penny. Just like WordPress. Wix also makes it very easy for its users to add additional functionality to their. Blog through the installation of free or premium apps . These numerous applications will be useful for users who wish, for example: monetize their blog, add advanced forms, add instagram photo stream, add social share buttons, collect emails in order to stay in touch with its audience, …


As you will have understood, Wix is ​​becoming an increasingly interesting alternative to creating a site or blog with a world-famous CMS. Especially for people who have no basics in HTML, CSS, PHP or Javascript. Wix: 7 Essential Features for Creating and Managing. A Blog create a Wix blog post By creating your blog with Wix, you will benefit from essential features. For the animation and management of a blog: A visual editor to create and publish articles very simply. A feature to schedule the publication of an article at the most opportune time Adding tags and categories. To properly structure and categorize all the articles created The possibility of authorizing comments.

Wix: 7 Essential Features For Creating And Managing A Blog

In order to let your readers exchange with you An application to add social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus…) A module to collect email addresses in order to stay in touch with your followers An application to integrate. Google Adsense into your blog to monetize incoming traffic Creating a free blog with Wix, how does it work? With Wix, you can create a professionally designed blog very quickly, in just a few hours. Here is how to concretely create your blog in 7 steps: To start creating a blog with Wix , you will first need to register with or log in if you have already created a site with the platform. Select the name of your future blog Choose. A blog template from the 32 options offered by Wix Customize the design of your new blog using.

The options available to you Create categories and tags to organize your future articles. Open the blog manager and create a new post. Put your new blog online then choose whether or not to connect your own domain name Serpstat offers its users. The possibility to configure one or more projects in order to follow the evolution of KPIs associated with backlinks. Overtime for any domain, subdomain or page. In addition to this monitoring dashboard, the tool allows you to analyze for any site, subdomain or page many key indicators such as. Therefore, The number of referring domains with for each the number. Of referring pages and their “Serpstat Page Rank” and “Trust Rank” (proprietary indicators that allow the quality and relevance of backlinks to be assessed) The number of referring pages

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