How to Create a High-converting Landing Page

You’re spending hard-earned marketing dollars on your PPC campaigns… The worst thing that can happen is that a lot of people click on your PPC ad (costing you money), but none of those people become leads or turn into cold hard cash for your business. This would make your PPC Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number campaign a waste of time and money. This is exactly why where you send people (i.e. the landing page) when they click on your ad is so critical… If you send leads (even motivated sellers) to a low-converting landing page, you might still get leads , but you won’t get as many as you could (how bad is it difficult to press the back button and click on the website instead?). Unfortunately, one lost deal can equate to between $10,000 and $50,000 lost depending on your business model.

Ppc Real Estate Landing

A landing page is just marketing terminology for the page you send people to in a given marketing campaign. In the case of PPC advertising, this is the page people go to when they click on your ad. For example, if I click on this result… I go to this landing page (this is a Carrot member’s website). ppc real estate landing page The reason why optimizing your landing page is so important is that it helps determine the effectiveness of your ad campaign. If the page people go to after clicking on your ad is irrelevant or unconvincing, or even takes too long to load…they won’t stick around and become leads. Now that you know what a landing page is and why it’s important, let’s talk about the 7 elements of every landing page that have the biggest impact on conversion.

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Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number
Kazakhstan WhatsApp Number

Rent to Own Homes in NC Heatmap And here is the data… rental-property-test-website1 If you want a high-converting landing page right out of the box, our Carrot sites already have everything mentioned in this article. Or if you want to create one yourself (no problem!), here’s what you’ll want for your opt-in form… Keep it simple and only have 3-4 fields for people to enter their information. Set up SMS notifications when a prospect signs up so you can follow up quickly (Carrot does this automatically!) Make sure the form you use is above the fold, ie when people arrive at your website, it’s the first thing they see. Have a big, clear button in a different color from everything else on your website.

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