How To Create A Self-Promoting Hello Bar On WordPress?

In this new WordPress tutorial, we will show you how to very simply add a self-promotion bar. With a call to action at the top or bottom of your WordPress site. If it is possible for you to code this type of bar with an action button quite simply with a little knowledge of HTML and CSS. Here we will show you how to do it in a few clicks, for free, without the Cyprus Mobile Number List need for HTML knowledge. and CSS. If this is not the first time you have come to the site. You have surely noticed that we have been promoting our Newsletter until now through a self-promotion bar that we have placed so far. At the bottom of our site (except on smartphones where it was displayed at the top before the menu and the content).

We have now replaced it with a black bar at the top of the site, on PC and smartphone. To test whether the conversion rate is more or less interesting than the previous version. In this tutorial, we will present the plugin that allowed us to do this in a few minutes and above. All, for free, without the need for a specialized WordPress developer. Summary: What is the best free WordPress plugin to create a fixed promotion bar on scroll? quickie bar WordPress After testing many plugins. We ended up finding and testing Quickie Bar, a fairly complete free. WordPress plugin that offers a very pleasant and above all very easy to configure administration interface.

What Is The Best Free WordPress Plugin To Create A Fixed Promotion Bar On Scroll

This plugin allows you to create as many bars as you want in its free version. Here’s how to add this bar to your site. The first step is to download the plugin and send it to your site via FTP (you can also search for it and install. It directly from the “Plugins” section of your blog / WordPress site). Once the plugin is installed, you need to activate it. After activation, a new “QuickieBar” tab will appear in your WordPress admin interface on your left. To create and upload your first self-promotion bar, you will first need to configure a few parameters like this: quickie bar settings. We advise you to set the “attribution” section to “no attribution” to. Prevent your users from seeing a “Quickie Bar” mention on your bar.


You can also directly choose on this page on which types of the page to display your self-promotion bar, by default. We advise you to make it appear everywhere “Everywhere” but everything will depend on your site and your objectives. If your site already has a fixed navigation bar on scroll, you will need to set the 3rd setting to “ON”. Finally, if when your bar is online, you notice that it is sometimes behind elements of your site, you just need to increase it. The Z-index of the latter by opting for “100000” to be sure that it will always appear above all other elements of your site. The Debug section shouldn’t be useful to you, just make sure the setting is “OFF”. After configuring these first settings, don’t forget to save and then click on the “Bars” section to create your first self-promotion bar.

Here’S How To Add This Bar To Your Site

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