How to Create Amp Pages for a WordPress

The future is mobile and Google is pushing webmasters and publishers to implement AMP on their site. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which will help you load pages faster on mobile devices. However, it has drawbacks as it does not support JavaScript features Iran B2B List that are part of many WordPress websites. Therefore, you should test AMP pages thoroughly and decide if it works for you before implementing them on the live site. In this article, let’s explore how to create AMP pages for WordPress site. How it works? It is important to understand how AMP works before attempting to implement it. Basically, you need to create a different layout for your mobile site than the desktop site. This will help you serve mobile pages faster on smartphones.

Creating Amp

WordPress always has multiple options to perform a single task and AMP is no exception to that. You can create AMP pages with the following three options: Use the official AMP plugin Using another AMP plugin for WP Find an AMP-supported mobile theme Manually implement AMP Let us walk you through creating AMP pages using the official AMP plugin in this article. Creating AMP pages with the official AMP plugin Login to your WordPress admin panel and navigate to the “Plugins > Add New” section. Search for “AMP” in the search field to filter relevant results. You will find two popular AMP plugins available for WordPress in the free repository – AMP by the official WordPress team and AMP for WP by another developer.

Choose Website Mode

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WordPress AMP plugins WordPress AMP plugins AMP is the official AMP plugin for WordPress provided by Google, Automattic and other developers. Let’s explain how to create AMP pages with this official plugin. After locating the plugin, install and activate it on your WordPress site. This will create an “AMP” menu on the side with “General” and “Analytics” options. Go to “Amp General” and customize the following settings to create AMP pages. Learn WordPress: Discover over 400 free WordPress tutorials. Enable AMP The option is to enable AMP for your website. Simply check the “Website” box in the “Experiences” section. Enable AMP in WordPress site Enable AMP in WordPress site The “Stories” option will be disabled by default because you need the Gutenberg plugin to create stories using AMP.

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