How to Create an Index Page in Microsoft

Holding the reader’s attention is one of the biggest challenges for authors writing long-form content. Many users do not read documents and books Belgium B2B List from start to finish. They will skim through the sections that interest them and ignore the remaining content. With this in mind, Microsoft Word helps authors create quick navigational structures on long documents. Index page is one such feature in Word and here we will explain how to create an index page in Microsoft Word. Related: Fix slow Word document and speed up your work. What is an Index Page? The index is a page at the end of the document containing keywords along with the page numbers where they were used in the document. It helps readers quickly navigate to the page for the keywords that interest them. Below is an example of an index page in a hard-bound book.

What Is an Index Page?

Users confuse index page with table of contents. Table of contents or table of contents contains headings in a document at the beginning. The index page contains keywords and inserted at the end. Some authors may also insert keywords at the bottom of each page, such as explaining the vocabulary used on that page. Structure of an index page As you can see in the screenshot above, an index page contains different types of information. Suppose you want to find information related to the keyword “categories”. You can get the details from the “categories” section on page number 61. This is a subsection of the main topic under “Add New Post Screen”. It is indexed under the alphabet “A”.

Mark Index Entry Options

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Belgium B2B List

Additionally, you may find that some terms also have multiple or multiple page references. Let us dive into Microsoft Word on how to create such an index page for your document. Preparing keywords for your index page After completing your document, the first step in inserting an Index Page is to prepare the keywords you want to display on the Index Page. Decide if you want to show a specific page reference or all occurrences of the keywords on different pages. You don’t have to worry about page numbers; you just need to identify the keywords in your index. Definition of index keywords After getting a list of keywords, you can define index entries for each keyword. In order to define an index entry, first select the keyword on your document.

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