How To Create An Online Quiz For Free?

To engage an audience or to test someone’s knowledge. Conducting a quiz is a very good option. If you want to develop a fun or professional questionnaire. You can do it easily and for free with the French software Eval & GO. For instance,
This is an easy-to-use SaaS (online) tool that will allow you to create yours. Online quiz on the topic of your choice. Summary: How to create a quiz with Eval & GO? design For instance, questionnaire Greece Phone Number List an online questionnaire. Quiz or MCQ with Eva l& GO Eval & GO is a free, French, and GDPR friendly online software that allows you to easily create quizzes. MCQs (Multiple Choice Questionnaires), and evaluation tests. You can access it via your computer or enjoy it directly from your smartphone, which is very practical and saves considerable time.

To create your questionnaires, you just have to follow a few simple steps. After registering on the solution site, and in a few clicks, you’re done. 3 points that differentiate Eval&GO from many other solutions on the market: the solution is 100%, French. All the quizzes and tests created are GDPR compliant: when personal data is collected. This data is stored and secured in France, customer service and technical assistance are always available. For instance, And responsive to listen and support customers in their needs and online quiz projects. Steps for creating a quiz on Eval&GO Eval&GO online quiz. To create your first quiz on Eval&GO, start by choosing the theme you like from those offered by the tool. Then move on to writing your questions. After that, you will have to indicate the correct answers and set up a point system to rate the participant.

Steps For Creating A Quiz On Eval&Go

You can also add other elements such as corrections, explanatory texts, or others to make your questionnaire more complete. Do you want to test and create your first online quiz? Meet here. The functionalities of the Eval&GO software. Example correction of a quiz created with eval&GO Example of correction of a quiz created with Eval&GO The Eval&GO online quiz creation tool has many. Features that will help you create a quiz that meets your expectations. With Eval&GO, you can create an online quiz and automatically display the scores (in points, in percentage or both). Of the participants according to the answers they give. You can accompany this with a personalized text that you will write to congratulate the respondent or encourage him according to the score he obtains.


If you go through Eva l& GO to create an online quiz, you also have the opportunity to display the corrections while. Adding an explanatory text that will justify the correct answer. If you want to incorporate a sense of urgency into your online quiz. You can create a timed quiz. With this feature, the participant’s response time will be limited. If you want to test the solution for yourself. You can test an example quiz here. Advanced Features example quiz with a timer. Eva l& GO Quiz example with Eva l& GO timer Eva l& GO is a free online quiz software, however. Some advanced features such as the timer and the display of corrections require the opening of a professional account. To be able to display the corrections to the questions for your online quiz, you will need to use an Eval &GO PRO or PRO+ account.

The Functionalities Of The Eval&Go Software

You have the choice between putting these elements after each answer. Or at the end of the whole questionnaire. You can also combine these two options if you wish. Regarding the timer, you also have the option of adding it to each question or the entire quiz. It should be noted that this feature is only available on the PRO+ account. It is also necessary to remember that when you create your quiz online on Eva l& GO. The brand of the tool will be displayed on the questionnaire that you will have developed when. You are on a free account. If you want to remove it and add your logo. You will have to go through the PRO+ plan. For instance,Uses of online quiz Once you know how to create an online. Quiz with the Eval&GO software, all you have to do is use it as you wish.

Indeed, the cases of use of this type of tool for creating questionnaires are multiple. Especially in the B2B field, e-commerce but also especially B2C. An online quiz will help you, for example, to. Carry out a customer satisfaction survey if you are a company. Ask your customers about their tastes and wishes for the future of your products and/or services. Collect the contact details of respondents to promote your brand through email marketing. Engage your customers/prospects through contests based on answers to online quizzes, … For instance, As you will have understood, the use cases are numerous. And the French solution Eva l& GO, perfectly adapted for VSEs and SMEs with its 100% free offer to start.

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