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In less than 10 minutes of effort, you’ll have video and real estate content for your blog that will boost your SEO, help you stand out with more credibility, and Iran WhatsApp Number convert more visitors into leads. Cool update, the video we walk you through in this blog post actually ranks in Google for the phrase we searched for. It took a month, but he’s ranked #1 now! how to rank number one in google using video posts Video transcript What’s up y’all. Trevor here with Carrot Creating content for your real estate website as an agent is easier than you think. Today we show you how to shoot videos without cameras, fancy lights or scripts.

Uploading Content

Uploading content is key to standing out and building expertise, building authority, and our tool called VideoPosts turns your short videos into written content that ranks. In this video, I’m going to do a real-time one, show you how I create, find the idea, research, make the video, upload it, and optimize it, all in one. It’s a real video. I put it on my own site. So, first thing here: make a real-time video post. I will go through it very quickly. First , we are going to choose the topic based on the niche you would like to own. Next, we’ll search for it using Google suggest ; it’s crazy, easy, free, simple, cheap.

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Iran WhatsApp Number
Iran WhatsApp Number

Number three , shoot the video, in less than three to five minutes, using that fancy and expensive tool called a cellphone. Number four , upload the video to YouTube from your mobile phone. Fifth , optimize and create video posts in Carrot, all in less than 10 minutes. Agreed. The first thing we’re going to do here is… I’m in Roseburg, Oregon. I have an entrepreneur co-working space called The Loft. I want to file a video there for people looking to find a coworking space. I’ll go to Google here. I’m just going to type in phrases that I think someone might want to search for if they’re looking for a cowork space. So Roseburg co… We’re at cowork Roseburg… Right there: Roseburg coworking space. Costs. So that’s my title. I will click on it and see what ranks here. We have this. Loft Roseburg is there, but I want my personal website ranking to be there.

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