How to Create a Call to Action

Many users were away from open source WordPress due to the lackluster classic editor interface. However, WordPress introduced the Gutenberg block Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List editor with version 5.0 which changed the entire WordPress landscape. It used to be that you needed a powerful JavaScript-based page builder plugin to create essential elements and layouts for any website. With Gutenberg, you can create beautiful blocks without any additional plugins. In this article, we will explain how to create a call to action in WordPress using the default Gutenberg blocks. What is the call to action? Call to action or brief CTA is a section or block on your web page that prompts users to take action. For example, below are some of the actions you can expect readers to take during or after reading the article.

Assign Background Color

Use the top notification bar. Push notification to allow push of instant content to user’s browser. Popup box suitable for email collection. Place a CTA box in the sidebar or footer section. Inline CTA box that blends with your content. Among all the above methods, we strongly recommend you to use the online CTA box. This helps you blend the CTA area into your content, which can help you get more click-through rates. How to create a call to action in WordPress? WordPress has plugins for everything. You can choose one of the shortcode plugins to create a CTA and other elements on your site. Additionally, many business themes also offer built-in call-to-action shortcodes.

Create Columns

Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List
Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List

However, it doesn’t make sense to use an additional plugin when you can create beautiful CTA sections with the basic Gutenberg block editor. Call-to-action elements Unlike the classic editor, Gutenberg offers paragraphs, media and text, columns, groups, buttons, and many other blocks. You can use these blocks and create the custom CTA box according to your needs. Let’s take the example of a call-to-action box that you can use to display your affiliate link with a coupon or offer: Contains three columns First column – an image Second column – textual description Third column – one or two buttons The final CTA block will look something like below, you can customize the font color and size as you need. Coupon Image 14 Day Professional Trail Here is the text for your call-to-action box. You can change the color, the number of columns and customize according to your needs.

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