How to Customize Power Settings

The performance of your laptop and desktop computer is highly dependent on how you use the power settings and battery. Also, it’s a good idea to customize Pakistan WhatsApp Number List the power settings to avoid any unexpected behavior. For example, you press the power button hoping to put your laptop into sleep mode only to find that it has triggered a shutdown action. You have to reboot again and in some cases it may not reboot when the battery is drained. In order to avoid this problem, you can customize power settings and lid closing action in Windows 10. Access to power options The first step in customizing power settings is to access “Power Options” on your computer. Use Windows Search or Cortana and type “control panel”.

Customizing Power Options

There are three things to customize in Windows using Power Options. Choose power mode to decide when to turn off the display and activate sleep mode What to do when you close your laptop lid Choose what action is triggered when you press the power and sleep buttons Additionally, you have a few shutdown settings in the “Power Options” section. Choose power plan When you click on the “Power Options” link in the Control Panel, it will show you the available system power settings. Depending on your desktop or laptop manufacturer, you’ll see balanced and optimized power settings, as shown below. The screenshot below is from the HP EliteBook model and so you can see the “HP Optimized” power plan which is also the recommended plan for the laptop.

Creating a Custom Eating Plan

Pakistan WhatsApp Number List
Pakistan WhatsApp Number List

Power Plans in Windows 10 Power Plans in Windows 10 Click “Change plan settings” to view the options available under the selected power plan. Here you can choose the idle time to turn off the monitor and put the computer to sleep when running on battery power and plugged in with a power cable. Change Power Plans in Windows 10 Change Power Plans in Windows 10 Creating a Custom Eating Plan If you don’t want to use the available power plans, Windows lets you create your custom plan. Click on the “Create a power plan” link in the sidebar when you are in the “Power options” section. Choose one of the available options and give your plan a name. Click the “Next” button.

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