How to Customize Safari Browser Layout

Safari is ma Cos’s default browser for opening web pages. If you’re bored with the look of the Safari browser, it’s easy to customize the layout. This helps you Suriname B2B List rearrange icons and quickly access your favorite websites. By default, you can find Safari in the Dock at the bottom or on the side of your Mac’s screen, depending on your Dock settings. The icon will be blue in color and will appear as a compass. If you can’t find Safari on your dock, go to Finder and find the Safari app in the “Applications” folder. Simply drag and drop the app to the dock to add a shortcut to the dock for quick access. After adding it to the Dock, right-click on the Safari icon and choose “Options  Keep in Dock” to permanently keep the shortcut in the Dock.

Default Safari Layout

Once you click on the Safari icon, the home page opens with the favorites or the top sites you have already visited. The layout will look something like below when you enable the sidebar. Safari browser layout Safari browser layout The main layout will display the current active tab. Click the “Show Sidebar” icon resembling a book on the left side of the address bar. This will reveal the sidebar displaying favorites and the playlist. Customizing the new tab and homepage You can use the address bar to open any web page. Or search queries using the default search engine. The new tab page can display the top site or the home page or a blank page depending on the settings.

Show or Hide Tab Preview

Suriname B2B List
Suriname B2B List

You can customize this by going to the “Safari Preferences menu. In the pop-up window, navigate to the “General” tabs which should look like below. General Safari Preferences General Safari Preferences You have the following options to launch the browser at your convenience: Safari opens with – Open browser with new window, new private window. All windows from last session, and all non-private windows from last session. New window opens with – choose to open a new window with your bookmarks, top sites, home page, empty page or the same current active page. New tabs open with – choose one of the similar options as a new window. In such a case, you can configure to launch this website every time you launch Safari.

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