How to Detect Ad Blocker

The ads are still there with us. Earlier, you may have seen advertisements in Belgium WhatsApp Number List newspapers and then on television. Nowadays in this digital world, you can see advertisements on apps and websites. Although sometimes annoying, smaller publishers rely heavily on ads to offer free content. If you’re an online publisher using WordPress and losing revenue to ad blockers, this article is for you. Here we will tell you how to recover lost earnings due to ad blockers by detecting them and asking users to unblock your site. Display ads are one of the biggest revenue streams from running any content website. This website itself is a best example that we monetize through Google AdSense to cover all expenses. Many users are unaware of the fact that running a WordPress or any other website .

What Is Ad Blocker?

Ad blockers are pieces of software code that detect advertising on the webpage and prevent it from loading. Typically, ad blockers come in the form of browser extensions that readers can install on their browser. This will block ads on websites and YouTube videos to offer ad-free content. For example, these ad blockers will check that the page contains the adsbygoogle.js script and prevent them from loading. This is the script used by Google to serve popular AdSense advertisements. Ad blocker extensions Ad blocker extensions How to detect Ad Blocker browser extension? Ad blocker can be quite annoying for publishers as they will lose a lot of money due to ad blocking. If you use WordPress and are worried about ad blocking, anti-ad blocking plugins are available.

Using Ad Inserter Plugin

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You can install one of the anti-ad blocking plugins and require users to take action to play the content. The ad block detection process in WordPress works as below: You, as the site owner, install a plugin to detect ad blockers on browsers. When a user with ad blocking enabled on the browser opens your site, the plugin displays a pop-up message. You can customize the popup message with custom text and make it dismissable or non-responsive. You can also redirect ad-blocking users to a custom page and ask them to take an action to view the content. There are many WordPress plugins available for this purpose and we will explain the setup with the popular “Ad Inserter – Ad Manager & AdSense Ads” plugin.

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