How to Enable 2-step Verification

Google has one of the largest user bases in the world with a Gmail account. The more popular Google accounts are, the more vulnerable they are to hacking. Although you can keep a strong password, it’s essential Switzerland WhatsApp Number List to protect your Google Account with an extra layer of protection. 2-Step Verification for Google Account will help you to use an additional mobile to sign into your account. This will ensure that no one else can log in without the mobile device. Besides, you can also use various other options as backup to make sure your account is not blocked. Related: How to Setup 2-Factor Verification in SiteGround Hosting? How does 2-Step Verification work with a Google Account? Before discussing how to enable 2-step verification, here is how it works. You must activate it from your account page.

Step Verification

Go to the Google Account page and click the “Go to Google Account” button on the top right corner. Log in with your Gmail username and password. After logging in, go to the “Security” section and click on the “2-Step Verification” option. By default, this option will display “Off”. 2-step verification option in Google account 2-step verification option in Google account You will see the screen below. Click the “Learn More” link to understand how the two-step verification process works. Click the “Start” button to continue. Add 2-Step Verification for Google Account Add 2-Step Verification for Google Account On the next screen, enter your phone number. Generally, Google will automatically retrieve the number from your account details if you have already provided it.

Get Backup Codes

Switzerland WhatsApp Number List
Switzerland WhatsApp Number List

Enter the phone number and choose the option Enter the phone number and choose the option There are four options to choose 2-step verification for Google account. Text message – you will receive a text message on your mobile number each time you try to log in with your email and password. Phone call – instead of a text message, you will receive a phone call from Google as a second verification method. Security key – you can use any security USB device to generate your account login code. Google Prompt – install Google Prompt on your phone and authorize whenever you log in using a desktop device. The easy and popular option here is to choose a test message. Select this option and click the “Next” button to continue. Google will send a 6-digit code to the mobile number you provided.

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