How to Export and Import a WordPress Site?

WordPress is popular not only because larger websites use the platform. It has many Algeria B2B List useful features built into the installation package. One such useful feature is to export and import site content. In this article, let’s explain how to export and import a WordPress site to migrate the entire content to a fresh installation. Related: How to migrate Weebly to WordPress? Export and import a WordPress site Recently we ran into an issue on one of our WordPress installs. We wanted to export the entire content to the WordPress site and move to a fresh install. Below are the steps for exporting and importing a complete WordPress site. Export required content from old site Prepare your new site Import content to the new site.

Exporting the WordPress

Log in to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to the “Tools > Export” section. Here you can generate an XML file that contains your site data. You have several options for exporting content. All Content – ​​choose this option to export posts, pages, comments, custom post types, custom fields, categories, and tags. This is the option to export all of your site content. No other selection is required when you choose this option. Posts – if you only want to export posts, choose this option. You have further options to select categories, authors, date range, and post status such as published, pending, or draft. Pages – select this option if you want to import pages only.

Installation on the Same Domain

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Algeria B2B List

You will see other options similar to posts, except categories. Media – choose this option to export media attachment content. You will have another option to select the month. Remember that none of these options will export the actual images such as PNG or JPEG from your site. You must manually upload all images and media files via FTP and upload them to the new installation in the “/wp-content/media/” folder. You can also download and import while importing content. However, it may take a lot of server resources depending on the number of images and media files. We therefore recommend that you manually upload via FTP if you have a lot of image files. In our case, we wanted to export only the articles because we have few images.

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