How to Fix a Frozen Windows Computer?

Sudden freezing is one of the most common problems while using a Windows desktop or laptop computer. If this happens several times, it is worth trying to fix the problem permanently. Frozen windows can occur due to Italy Business Fax List software updates, malware attacks, computer overheating or hardware failure. For a normal user, it may be difficult to diagnose the problem and find the root cause of the freezing. However, there are a few quick options you can try to fix the frozen computer and get it back to working order. Freeze Windows Computer Fixes Quickly Fixing frozen windows in a computer has several solutions. The standard solution performs a system reboot, but we recommend it as the last.

Give Your Computer a Break

Giving your computer time to respond might be an option if this happens frequently. You might be using the system heavily with slow processing power. Therefore, your computer might temporarily stop responding due to overload. Consider waiting a few minutes for the program to respond to save your data. If so, giving it a moment to catch up to what you were running would be a quick fix. It may not be a serious problem after all. You just need to increase the processing speed of your computer to avoid such problems. Also disconnect any external hard drives connected to the computer. It is possible that the connected drive is blocking your computer.

Restart Video Graphics

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If the freeze continues or takes a reasonable time to respond, consider the options below. 2. Close the frozen window Try the Alt+F4 solution. If you are running a RAM-intensive application, such as high-resolution graphics games, restarting the application will work for you. Press Alt + F4 keys to close the current frozen window. But that’s not a long-term solution. In order to fully resolve the issue, you will need to upgrade your computer’s RAM to match the software requirements. 3. Restart Video Graphics The other way to fix the graphics related issue is to restart the video graphics card. However, this solution will only work for Windows 8 and 10 users. Press the “Win + Ctrl + Shift + B” keys. The computer screen goes dark after a few seconds and comes back on. This fix will work on all graphics drivers running on Windows 8 and 10 versions.

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