How to Fix Render-Blocking

Gone are the days, you can just have a website to attract users. These days, you need to focus on optimizing for speed in order to stay on top of Google search results. While there are many speed optimization issues Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List you may face, render blocking resources are the most common. Many bloggers and webmasters struggle to fix render-blocking assets in WordPress. In this article, we will explain how you can fix the problem and improve the page speed. Related: Fixed render blocking issue with Jetpack Devicepx script. Contents What is render blocking? Render blocking issue in Google PageSpeed Render blocking resources Fixed render-blocking resources in WordPress Free plugin options Fixed render-blocking JavaScript issue with W3 full cache Fixed JavaScript and CSS render blocking with Autoptimize Paid plugin option Fixed render-blocking CSS Fixed render-blocking JavaScript.

What Is Render Blocking?

Every time you open a web page, the browser tries to render the page. By getting data from the web server. In other words, you can call this rendering as a visualization of the web page. On the frontend of the browser. Unfortunately, some webpage components can block rendering of a webpage on the browser. This will cause a delay and the user will have to wait until the component is fully loaded. After the blocking components or resources are loaded, users can visually see the content above. In summary, all resources that block rendering of content above the fold of a webpage on a browser are called render-blocking resources.

Free Plugin Options

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Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List

Render blocking issue in Google PageSpeed Since render blocking resources delay the loading time of visual content. You should address the issue to improve the page load speed. You can view all render blocking resources in the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool when testing a page. Google page speed warning Google page speed warning Render blocking resources. Several resources can block the rendering of your web page: JavaScript – scripts are the main reason for blocking above the fold line content. In the above case, you can see that the jQuery part of the default WordPress core is delaying 330ms of page load time. Although jQuery loads in the footer section, it blocks rendering of the webpage, thus appearing in the PageSpeed ​​tool as an opportunity to fix. CSS – depending on how your site is configured, sometimes CSS can also delay loading and cause rendering to crash.

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