How to Fix Woocommerce Mobile

WP Rocket is one of the popular caching plugins for WordPress. We use SiteGround Cloud Hosting and get the free SG Optimizer plugin. However, WP Rocket Malaysia WhatsApp Number List has worked well for us for the past few years and there was no big issue with caching as such. Recently we had changed the theme from Highend to GeneratePress and noticed that mobile caching was not working with WooCommerce pages. In this article, let’s explore the possibilities of fixing mobile caching issues with WP Rocket. Related: How to make WooCommerce work with the W3 Total Cache plugin. Contents WP Rocket Difference Mobile caching in WP Rocket Problem with mobile caching How do I fix mobile caching issues with WP Rocket? 1. Disable mobile caching 2. Exclude content type from caching 3. Exclude Individual Pages.

Wp Rocket Difference

Although there are many free caching plugins available for WordPress, WP Rocket is a cool plugin for the reasons below. Super simple settings compared to W3 Total Cache and many other plugins. Critical CSS generation to optimize content delivery Separate mobile caching option Preloading, preloading, JS deferral, font optimization, etc. You can check out the full WP Rocket review and find the optimized settings for your site. However, the issue with WooCommerce mobile caching shows that the plugin still has an improvement area to combine and minify files. Mobile caching in WP Rocket Unlike many other plugins, WP Rocket has a separate mobile caching option. This helps you choose whether you want to serve the same desktop cache or a separate mobile version just for mobile users.

Problem With Mobile Caching

Malaysia WhatsApp Number List
Malaysia WhatsApp Number List

Go to the “Cache” section of WP Rocket settings to find the “Mobile Cache” option. Two options are available under mobile caching: Enable caching for mobile devices Separate cache files for mobile devices You need to enable the first option to enable mobile caching which is normally required for all sites. In case you are using a plugin to serve a different layout for mobile devices. Problem with mobile caching Everything worked when we used the complex Highend theme. This theme contains custom WooCommerce templates which also worked well with WP Rocket out of the box. However, when we changed the theme to super simple GeneratePress, WP Rocket messes up the responsiveness of the WooCommerce store and product pages.

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