How to Generate Critical Css

There are many drag and drop website builders available on the internet to create a website without technical skills. However, there are some technical Nepal WhatsApp Number List aspects of SEO that you need to learn in order to keep your site at the top of search engine results pages. Critical CSS is one of those technical topics to optimize the delivery of your content in turns, directly affecting the speed. The WordPress ecosystem makes this more complicated for normal users who use multiple plugins on their site. In this article, let’s explore how to create critical CSS for a WordPress site to improve Google PageSpeed ​​score. Understand the basics Before discussing critical CSS, it is necessary to understand some terminologies such as content delivery optimization and above the fold.

Above Fold Content

When you open a website on desktop or mobile, the visible part you see on screen is the content. Area above the fold line. This is traditional newspaper terminology where you can see content above the fold line at the top of the first page. Generally, people used to fold the newspaper, and above the folding area there was important content. Likewise, the top visible part of the webpage that loads first should offer the most valuable content to the user. Therefore, you should focus on optimizing the visible top section to load at lightning speed. Many speed tools like Google PageSpeed ​​Insights measure how well the website delivers content above the fold. You can think of this as a measure of First Contentful Paint (FCP).

Css Loading in Websites

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If they detect a blockage, you’ll see a warning to remove the blocking item. One of the popular suggestions you’ll see in the Google PageSpeed ​​Insights tool is to eliminate render-blocking resources. If you click on this suggestion, Google will show you the optimization of critical CSS/JS delivery and defer. All non-critical CSS/JS. Fixing render-blocking JavaScript (jQuery) is quite simple because themes/plugins load scripts in the footer section by default. jQuery is the only problem, which may be necessary for many sites to load content above the fold. Since WordPress also uses jQuery, you can ignore this error if it is only due to jQuery. Alternatively, use plugins like WP Rocket to combine and deliver all the scripts if it doesn’t mess with your site layout.

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