How to Improve Internal Links

Publishing unique and useful content is one of the most important factors in running a website. However, search engine optimization is just as important in Latvia WhatsApp Number List attracting visitors from organic search. Otherwise, your beautiful content is useless without any readers. It used to be that SEO was all about getting backlinks from high quality websites. Things have changed now and you need to build your site’s internal linking structure to improve visibility. In this article, we will explain how to improve your internal linking using different methods in the WordPress site. Contents Where can I see details of internal links? 1. Header and footer menu 2. Sidebar and Footer Widget 3. Use categories and tags .

Where Can I See Details

Before you read on, it’s important to understand the current details of your site’s internal linking. For this, you need to add and verify your site in Google Search Console. The new interface still contains the legacy sections that display the verified site’s internal link details. this will help you understand the most linked pages on your site. You can take this as a reference and optimize the site structure. The header or main navigation menu helps you link to important, top-level pages on your site. Traditionally, the header menu includes pages such as home, blog, about us, and contact us. Since these pages are the most frequently viewed pages, it makes sense to link them in the header section visible throughout the site.

Sidebar and Footer Widget

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For example, users should search for the contact page on your site every time they want to contact you. Similarly, you can have a footer menu with other important pages on your site like terms, privacy, etc. You can go to “Appearance Menus” and create menus for your site. Most themes obviously support header menu, however, not all themes support menu in footer area. You may need to modify the footer.php file to insert a menu in the footer area. Similar to header and footer, sidebar widgets play an important role in creating an internal linking structure for your site. Typically, you can link recent, popular, category, and collection posts in the sidebar. This will help you promote and drive traffic to those pages.

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