How to Improve the Page Load

HTML is the foundation of the Internet and web servers serve HTML pages to the browser interface. Browsers like Chrome interpret HTML markup and display page content in a readable manner. This concept Bolivia WhatsApp Number List is the same for sites using PHP with content management systems like WordPress. However, creating a website is not enough these days. You need to optimize your site for fast loading to get good search engine rankings and good user experience. In this article, we’ll explore how to speed up your static HTML website and improve the chances of getting your site to the top of Google search results. Before You Begin – Static HTML Websites Remember that in this article we are talking about static HTML websites that you create yourself.

Check Page Speed

Now that the context is clear, we will continue. The best way to start optimizing is to first understand the basic issues that exist on your site. In order to find speed-related issues, go to the Google PageSpeed ​​Insight tools and check your website’s score. Don’t worry too much about the score at first, scroll down and check out the opportunities section to improve the score. Suggestions from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights Suggestions from Google PageSpeed ​​Insights Note that the opportunities displayed in the PageSpeed ​​Insights tool will NOT have a direct impact on the score. Typically, the score will be low when you have issues above the fold (header section) of your website.

Use Content Delivery Networks

Bolivia WhatsApp Number List
Bolivia WhatsApp Number List

This includes render blocking assets, font and image preloading, cumulative layout switching with third-party code, and more. Therefore, you can combine opportunities and general rules to improve the page load speed of your static HTML websites. How to improve the page load speed of static HTML websites? You can use the following features to improve your site speed. 1. Combine and reduce CSS and JS files A static HTML website will have a CSS style sheet as a minimal resource to style your HTML page elements. Additionally, you can use additional JavaScript files to add other functionality such as sliders to your site. The first thing you need is to remove unnecessary spaces and comments in your CSS/JS/HTML files. This is called minification which reduces file size and improves page loading speed.

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