How to Improve the Readability of Articles for Seo?

Do you know that readability really affects a webpage’s ranking in search engines like Google? Well, gone are the days when people read everything someone Mozambique B2B List posts on the internet. Nowadays, you can find millions of similar web pages for every search query. In this situation, you need to make your content stand out from the crowd by considering all aspects of SEO. Readability and SEO Below is the content editor in WordPress with the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin is one of the best SEO options for WordPress users. It will add this meta box in the editor to ensure that you publish articles with good readability.

Readability and Seo

There are two important things in readability – one is the keyword you are focusing on and the other is the reading factor. Choosing the right keyword is a different task and you can get more details about it in this article. Considering readability, not everyone uses WordPress. Therefore, you should ensure readability even before opening the editor on your website. Let’s see how you can do this while writing the article. We give some examples of Microsoft Word because most authors use Word to create their documents. However, you can follow similar guidelines in any word processing software. Follow simple rules when writing There are very simple rules you can follow to make sure the content is good for reading.

Measure the Readability

Mozambique B2B List
Mozambique B2B List

Use simple English Remember that English is not the native language of most people in this world. Therefore, your fluency does not matter on the article, what matters is whether people can easily understand without searching the dictionary to look up the meaning of the words you used. Be sure to use simple, common words. 2. Check spelling The latest versions of Word will show you the details of every error on your documents. For example, when you write “each”, Word will offer to replace “each” or “every”. After finishing the article, go to the “Review > Spelling and grammar” option and check the content carefully. Related: How to Create a Table of Contents in Word? 3. Use active voice Always try to write in direct mode as you speak to others. Instead of writing “the article is published”.

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