How To Improve Your Efficiency In Managing Your Google Ads And Shopping Campaigns?

Do you manage one or more Google Ads and Shopping accounts? And want to have it effortlessly audited monthly to quickly identify your strengths and areas for improvement? Do you want to be able to quickly identify from your? Google Ads account the areas for improvement to Indonesia Phone Number List worked on and the alert points to be optimized via predefined labels? There is a chance that this article (and the tool that I will present to you in it) may interest you! When managing one or more. Google Ads and Shopping accounts on a daily basis in addition to other tasks. It is sometimes difficult to find your way around and know very precisely what to work on and optimize first.

Whether you are a SEA consultant, acquisition web marketing manager. Or traffic manager in an agency or with the advertiser, we are all sooner or later faced with the need to increase productivity. To be more efficient, being able to quickly identify actionably. Quick wins allowing us to obtain visible results in the short or medium term is essential to retain our. Customers or satisfy the company in which we work on a daily basis. While being accompanied by freelance or agency experts is not a bad idea when working for the advertiser, there are other less expensive options to start with. This is particularly the case of SEISO (in its premium version ). This free tool for automated auditing of Google Ads and Shopping campaigns that we already presented to you a few months.

Seiso Labels On Google Ads And Google Shopping: Why And How To Use Them?

Ago has just released a paid premium version (via a monthly subscription) which. Goes even further than the detailed monthly audit. Want to test SEISO Premium? You have 30 days free by registering here In this article. I suggest that you focus on the premium version of the tool which will allow you to take the next step in optimizing your productivity (or that of your consultants/acquisition managers). On Google Ads and Shopping. Summary: SEISO Premium: automatic labels to quickly and visually identify quick wins to optimize on Google Ads and Shopping If native. Google Ads labels are very useful for automating actions on tens, hundreds, even thousands of ads. SEISO labels are complementary in optimizing your productivity on Google Ads since they will save you time.


In analyzing the performance of your campaigns by quickly identifying areas for possible ROI optimization. Do you want to test the SEISO Premium tool for free for 30 days? It’s here SEISO labels on Google Ads: what are we talking about concretely? By SEISO Premium labels , we are currently talking about 4 labels automatically added by. SEISO in Google Ads as soon as you switch to SEISO Premium and have connected your Google Ads account. The platform plans in a few weeks to increase to about 10 labels to go even further in the automatic analysis and automation of Google Ads campaigns. seiso premium google ads labels These labels are easily. Distinguishable from all the others because they all start with ” s: “. Each wording has its interest. To use them, simply display the “Label” column in your various Google Ads reports if it hasn’t already been done.

How To Display Seiso Labels On Your Google Ads And Google Shopping Campaigns?

SEISO labels will automatically be added to the “ Label ” column of your campaigns, ad groups. Ads and keywords reports for the search network: season premium. Google ads label Here is the detail of the 4 SEISO labels that will help you, if used well, to save time in optimizing your Google Ads campaigns s:impr_share: this label identifies campaigns with potential. Those that have good profitability and could generate more business volume if you invest more budget, in particular, this label will help you identify keywords that are costing you too much and not generating sales, s:perf: similar to the previous one, this label will help you identify the keywords on which you invest too much without it being profitable

This label will help you identify, in your ad groups, those that do not have enough ads (less than 3). Do you want to audit your Google Ads campaigns for free without a time limit? If you are not too familiar with the principle of. Google Ads labels and do not know how to create and use them. In addition,  These two articles from Google are very clear bases: Google Ads labels: presentation. Operation and uses How do I create, use and manage Google Ads labels? SEISO labels on Google Ads and Google Shopping: why and how to use them? In addition, The main interest of SEISO labels is to be able to very quickly identify important areas of improvement with high potential for ROI on your Google and Shopping Ads campaigns.

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