How to Insert Advertisements in the WordPress

Many online users believe that reading content on the Internet is free. They also use ad blockers to block ads on websites to improve their experience. However, the reality of running a WordPress website is difficult and requires a lot of money. Whether you run a WordPress site for the Mali B2B List sole purpose of making money or just to share your ideas, you need money to maintain your site for hosting, domain, email, plugins, themes, content writing, etc. Learn WordPress: Discover over 400 free WordPress tutorials. Therefore, monetization is important for any site owner. One of the easiest ways to make money from your site is to insert ads into your WordPress posts/pages. However, inserting ads in the right place, replacing existing ones and managing their performance can be quite a challenge.

When to Monetize Your Site?

As a website owner, you need to adopt the best practices to attract and retain visitors to your site. You need to post interesting and relevant content that retains your audience. Fortunately, there are a variety of SEO tools that help improve your visitors’ experience. Once you have established your authority in your niche, built a community of readers and a high number of visitors, this may be the best time to monetize your WP website. We strongly recommend that you do not run too many ads in the beginning, which will impact returning users. Advertising in WordPress WordPress supports and encourages monetization through advertisements on your blog posts or web pages.

Inserter Plugin

Mali B2B List
Mali B2B List

This can be a good way to generate income to fund your hosting and domain expenses, as well as paying for your online presence. Google AdSense is one of the most popular and easiest ways to make money from your website. However, Google has discontinued the official AdSense publisher plugin for WordPress. All you have to do is use third-party plugins or manually insert ads. Among the many plugins available, we recommend using the Ad Inserter plugin to monetize your website as it is simple and fast. Step 1: Install and activate the Ad Inserter plugin Ad Inserter is a free plugin for WordPress that helps you manage ads on your site. Apart from saving you time when inserting and managing ads, the plugin offers a host of additional features such as ad blocking detection, A/B and AdSense testing, as well as support for Amazon ads.

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