How to Insert Columns in Word Documents?

Showing the full-width content of a document can quickly bore the reader. Sometimes it’s a good idea to create your document as a newspaper layout with Vietnam B2B List multiple columns. This is one of the easiest ways to display engaging content similar to newsletters and brochures. This helps to add different types of content in a single page and highlight the actionable part. In this article, we will explain how to insert columns in Word documents and organize text using columns. Related: How to add a table of contents in Word? Using default templates with columns Although creating a custom column layout is easier, setting up the layout is time consuming. However, Microsoft offers predefined column templates that you can choose for your use. Launch your Word application.

Create Columns

If you don’t want to use the template and start from scratch, you can create your layout in columns. It is possible to put an entire text, a selected area or a section in columns. Let’s take an example of a document with two paragraphs of text as below: Document with two paragraphs Document with two paragraphs In order to split the two paragraphs into two columns, just go to the “Layout” menu. Click on the “Columns” drop-down list and select “Two”. Word will automatically split the two paragraphs into two columns as shown below. Make two columns Make two columns Related: How to create an eBook in Word? Inserting a manual column break In the example above,

Using Markers in the Ruler

Vietnam B2B List
Vietnam B2B List

you don’t need to highlight the section when you have two paragraphs. Simply place the cursor in the section to be split into two columns based on the previous section break. If that doesn’t work for you or you want to manually decide the column break point, follow the instructions below. First click on the search box in the top menu and type “show”. Select the “Show All” option to display all formatting annotations on your document. Show formatting annotations in Word Show formatting annotations in Word Place your cursor where you want to create a column break. Switch to the “Layout” tab and click on the “Breaks” list box. Select the “Columns” option to define a column break at the selected cursor position.

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