How to Insert Emoji in Html?

Emoji have been around for thirty years and have become extremely popular with the use of smartphones. Although initially young people use emoji in Israel WhatsApp Number List casual conversations and instant messaging conversations, nowadays it has become common to use emoji in formal communication. If you are a web developer, blogger or site owner, it is also possible to insert emoji in HTML like any other textual content. This will make your content appealing to readers while reading on the browser. Understanding emojis Before going any further, here are some of the things you need to understand about emoji. Unicode Consortium, a non-profit organization defines specifications for each emoji character and maintains technical documentation. To use emoji, you must ensure that the HTML document uses the UTF-8 character set format. There are over 1300 official emoji available according.

Unicode Code Point

The goal of the Unicode Consortium is to make emoji standard characters used uniformly across all devices and languages. In order to accomplish this task, they will assign a unique code point for each emoji symbol with a default representation. Application and operating system developers can use this code point to use the default representation or customize the appearance. For example, U+1F609 is the code point for the popular Winking Face emoji. You can get the code points from the official Unicode emoji page. Emoji code point Hexadecimal Decimal As you can see, the code point is nothing but the hexadecimal code in “U+ hexadecimal” format. Insert Emoji in HTML.

Using Hexadecimal Code

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You can either use this hex code in HTML or convert this hex code to decimal format and use. These codes are generally referred to as HTML escape entities or escape strings. Let’s see how to use these codes correctly in an HTML web page. Define UTF in HTML As mentioned, the first and important step is to make sure that your HTML document contains the meta charset tag like below: The complete HTML template should look something like below: Be sure to use the character encoding declaration immediately after the head tag. This will instruct browsers to interpret hex and decimal escape strings as appropriate emoji symbols. HTML tags for use with Emoji As emoji are text characters, you can use any text-related HTML tag to insert emoji. Paragraph and span tags are two simple options:

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