How to Insert Emoji in Powerpoint?

There are many applications that you can use to make a presentation containing multiple slides. However, Microsoft PowerPoint is an undisputed leader in this field. Although Apple distributed Keynote Guatemala B2B List for free, many of us still use PowerPoint due to interchangeability. Readers will quickly get bored looking at lots of text in your presentations. One of the easiest ways is to use expressions and symbols with popular emoji. In this article, we will explain how to insert emoji in Microsoft PowerPoint Windows and Mac versions. Emoji Display in Windows and Mac PowerPoint Before explaining how to insert emoji, you should understand how these symbols are displayed in Windows and Mac operating systems. On Mac, you’ll see the colorful emoji symbols like you see on Facebook or Twitter.

Windows Version

You can insert emoji using the AutoCorrect option in PowerPoint. By default, the app comes with emoji that you can type using keyboard shortcuts. will produce the popular smiley face emoji like . Additionally, you can set up a shortcut for any emoji symbol to be quickly inserted using the AutoCorrect option. For example, you can type :: to insert the face with tears of joy emoji like . Click the “Auto Correct Options…” button in the “Verification” section. Type the shortcut in the “Replace” text box and the corresponding emoji in the “With:” emoji. Click “OK” to save your changes. Add Keyboard Shortcut for Emoji in PowerPoint Add Keyboard Shortcut for Emoji in PowerPoint Now whenever you type the shortcut text and press space.

Windows Emoji Keyboard

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PowerPoint will automatically convert it to emoji. Type Shortcut in PowerPoint Type Shortcut in PowerPoint See the full list of Auto Correct math shortcuts for Office documents. Keyboard shortcuts for PowerPoint Unfortunately, Auto-correct in PowerPoint won’t work when you want to use text replacements. In above case you can use :: but cannot use shortcut like fwty. Therefore, the other option to try is alt code shortcuts. Windows allows you to insert emoji using the alt code with the number keys. Press the alt key on your keyboard. Type the decimal numbers. We’ve explained the process here and it changes depending on the keyboard layout. It will output the emoji on your PowerPoint presentation. Windows Emoji Keyboard Another easy way is to use Windows 10’s built-in emoji keyboard.

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